How To Use Facebook To Your Advantage

When it comes to word of mouth advertising, these days the first thought to any business owner should be online reviews. Now, it's easy to put them all in the category of Yelp or Google, but social media is increasingly becoming the place for consumers to do their research before buying. In fact, according to a recent survey, 85% of those surveyed said they trust online reviews as much as they do a personal, spoken recommendation.

With over a billion profiles active on Facebook, the social media giant spans all ages, genders and races. So as not to miss out on this huge group of buyers, it's imperative that a business' presence on the network is positive. For those decision makers who don't know how to get facebook reviews, know that you're not alone. In fact, There are a number of tips to help the novice.

If You Create It, They Will Comment

Whether you choose Yelp, Facebook, Twitter or all the above, it's important to have a presence so the potential customer has the opportunity to leave positive feedback. Set up profiles on all forms of social media so that your customers have a method to report your excellent products or services. It's important to monitor these sites on a regular basis, thanking the positive posters and addressing any concerns a less than satisfied shopper might have.

Make it Easy

By creating profiles on the many versions of social media, a business is making it easy for consumers to say something great. That doesn't mean that social media is the only place buyers can leave reviews. Savvy businesses open up their website and online catalog to reviews and comments, making it a simple process to let others know if they liked or didn't like something.


It may seem simple, but if you're wondering how to get more facebook reviews or reviews in general, ask a satisfied customer to leave a review. As an incentive, hold a small drawing each month consisting of people who left a review. Other ideas include offering a small reward, such as $5 off their next purchase to those who leave a review. Simply have them print out a copy of the comment and bring it in on their next visit, or if you're following up on them, email them notification of your appreciation.

Obtaining the reviews you need to boost your sales and SEO presence isn't rocket science, and anyone can be successful learning how to get facebook reviews. Take the social media platform by the horns and proactively gain the positive comments you deserve.